Center for Multimodal Neuroimaging

Eric Earl

Job title
Data Scientist
Eric Earl has been computer programming and leading projects for academic research for more than 15 years having worked in neuroimaging and biomedical research with Damien Fair at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and University of Minnesota (UMN), Nico Dosenbach at Washington University in St. Louis, and many others at OHSU like Bonnie Nagel, Joel Nigg, Alice Graham, Bill Rooney, Charles Springer, Wei Huang, Xin Li, Christopher Kroenke, Tamara Hayes, and Misha Pavel. Check Eric’s Google Scholar page to see his cross-collaborative works. Eric has applied his engineering background across research fields such as auditoryagingnon-human primatesMRIfMRI, and brain development. He also co-invented the Nous Imaging (now known as Turing Medical) MRI motion monitoring software, FIRMM.
Eric’s professional interests are in improving data workflows for accessibility, managing data-heavy projects with an eye for efficient solutions, and generalizing software solutions by leveraging existent tools. In his past role as Research Associate and Computing Team Lead in the OHSU Developmental Cognition and Neuroimaging Lab (now at UMN) he led the team to create a set of complete image processing pipelines to process fMRI sessions using the BIDS standard and BIDS App formats. This work was also open-sourced on GitHub and released on Docker Hub for each pipeline. The abcd-hcp-pipeline was also used to process 10,000+ MRI sessions from the ABCD Study and 150+ Terabytes of derivative data from this work are shared on the NIMH Data Archive Collection 3165 also known as the ABCD BIDS Community Collection, or ABCC, which is fully documented on ReadTheDocs.
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