Center for Multimodal Neuroimaging

NIMH Workshop on Naturalistic Stimuli and Individual Differences

August 2021

The Center for Multimodal Neuroimaging is thrilled to announce the upcoming workshop on Naturalistic Stimuli and Individual Differences with a range of extramural and intramural speakers presenting on their cutting-edge work. The workshop seeks to:

  1. bring together top scientists using naturalistic stimuli and/or the study of individual differences in neuroimaging;
  2. showcase theoretical, methodological, and analytical advances in these areas of research; and
  3. serve as a catalyst for collaborations between presenters, biomedical NIH researchers, and experts from around the world.

    Speakers: Chris Baldassano, Janice Chen, Elizabeth DuPre, Emily S. Finn, Javier Gonzalez-Castillo, Uri Hasson, Jeremy Manning, Carolyn Parkinson, Elizabeth Redcay, Monica Rosenberg, Tamara Vanderwal, Gang Chen, Peter Molfese

Chris Baldassano -
Elizabeth DuPre -
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Gang Chen -
Emily S Finn -
Javier Gonzalez-Castillo -
Jeremey Manning -
Carolyn Parkinson -
Elizabeth Redcay -
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