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PET and fMRI provide two separate and partially overlapping methods for neuroimaging. While PET relies on metabolic processing as measured by the dissipation of radioactive isotopes, MRI measures changes in blood oxygenation level (BOLD). Each method is useful for providing a quantitative metrics for brain function and dysfunction useful in the diagnosis and understanding of clinical brain disorders and normal development.  The combination of methods adds values where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  Much work in advancing research with combined PET-MRI has been done, and the invited experts discuss these advances and avenues of research.

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The Center for Multimodal Neuroimaging is thrilled to announce the upcoming workshop on Naturalistic Stimuli and Individual Differences with a range of extramural and intramural speakers presenting on their cutting-edge work.  The workshop seeks to (1) bring together top scientists using naturalistic stimuli and/or the study of individual differences in neuroimaging; (2) showcase theoretical, methodological, and analytical advances in these areas of research; and (3) serve as a catalyst for collaborations between presenters, biomedical NIH researchers, and experts from around the world. 

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the workshop will feature virtual pre-recorded presentations and roundtables open to the public.  Presentations will be available to stream on-demand starting Monday August 2, 2021.  Attendees (free registration information below) will be able to view the presentations in their own time, and submit questions to speakers through an online portal until the end of August.  In September, the speakers will again virtually reconvene for a round-table discussion to address some of the attendee questions as well as discuss larger questions in the field moving forward. 

Full workshop:
Roundtable #1:
Roundtable #2:

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The Center for Multimodal Neuroimaging is hosting our first Multimodal Neuroimaging Workshop this coming October 30, October 31, and November 1st.  This three-day workshop, hosted at the NIH, will include 15 external speakers along with 4 internal NIMH scientists from diverse backgrounds in multimodal imaging methods and applications.  The workshop will be divided into four sections: (1) Individual lectures and demonstrations showcasing the use of multimodal imaging with a particular focus on “value added”; (2) An open panel discussion of the most pressing or interesting research and clinical questions that lend themselves to multimodal assessment; (3) An open panel discussion on how to actually put multimodal imaging data together in useful ways for analyses; (4) Identifying the necessary steps and evolution of data collection, analysis, and interpretation of multimodal data for the future good of neuroscience research.  

Our invited speakers include:

  1. Danielle Bassett - University of Pennsylvania
  2. Molly Bright - Northwestern
  3. Vince Calhoun - University of New Mexico / Mind Research Network
  4. Catie Chang - Vanderbilt
  5. Mark Cohen - UCLA
  6. Bob Cox - NIMH
  7. Alexander Gramfort - Inria
  8. Joy Hirsch - Yale School of Medicine
  9. Andreas Horn - Charité University Medicine Berlin
  10. Ted Huppert - University of Pittsburgh 
  11. Laura Lewis - Boston University
  12. Holly Lisanby - NIMH
  13. Mike Milham - Child Mind Institute
  14. Robert Oostenveld - Donders
  15. Aina Puce - Indiana 
  16. Petra Ritter - Charité University Medicine Berlin & Berlin Institute of Health
  17. Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli - Northeastern

The workshop will be held on the NIH campus.  Registration is now open

Schedule is available here!